Can a general dentist treat gum disease?

General Dentistry. General dentistry is the first line of defense against dental disease. We are usually the first on the scene. Patients first come to a general dental practice to have an overall view at their mouth to determine their dental needs. From there a general dentist will refer out any treatment needing a more specialized care. Gum disease is first treated in the general office and referred out as needed.
Of Course. General dentists are certainly qualified to diagnose and treat gum disease. In fact we are often the first line of defense for most patients. For more information about this please talk to your dentist.
Definitely. The general dentist are the doctors that treat most gum diseases. If the gum disease is very severe you may be referred to a periodontist.
Yes. A general debris can treat gum or periodontal disease. X-rays and clinician exam will help diagnose and present a treatment plan. If the diagnosis is more severe then usually the general dentist has the option to refer you to a periodontist.

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