Is there a good way to relieve itchy eyes when eye drops are not available?

Cool compresses. Occasionally, a cool wet washcloth over the eyes can temporarily relieve the symptoms. Heat can actually make the eyes more itchy. The best option, however, is an eye examination to determine the cause and provide a directed treatment.
Cold packs. The only thing I can thing of is cold compresses or oral antihistamines.

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What allergy eye drops can I purchase to relieve itchy eyes due to the high pollen count during the summer?

Antihistamine. While lubricating drops help some, antihistamines drops do the most for eye allergy symptoms, including itching & watering. There are many over-the-counter antihistamine products to choose from. Older products may be combined with decongestants which decrease redness; however, overuse of these products may cause increased rebound redness. Plain antihistamine drops are your best bet for itching.
These work best. The best way to treat eye allergies is with pills recommended by your doctor. Adding prescription nasal sprays also works nicely. Adding over counter allaway or zaditor drops is first choice. Last resort, prescription drops such as Pataday or bepreve (bepotastine besilate). My patients have achieved control of eye allergies following this.

What type of eye drops is best for itchy eyes?

Itchy eyes. I usually have patients start with a preservative free artificial tear, such as theratears. Keep them cold, and they will be more soothing. If the tears don't help, then try zaditor over-the counter twice a day for a few weeks. If this does not work, ask your ophthalmologist for Pataday or lastacaft, (alcaftadine) both once-a-day potent drops for ocular allergies.
There are many. The best are antihistamine and mast cell inhibitors. Avoid vasoconstrictors like visine that gets the red out as they can make matters worse if used too frequently.
Cool compresses. Cooler temperatures helps relieve itching. Avoid warm compresses. These will bring more histamine to the itchy area and increase the problem.

I'm trying to find eye drops for itchy eyes: what type is best?

Itchy eyes. Itchy eyes are most commonly due to dry eyes or allergies. Try an over the counter drop for dry eyes (ocular lubricant). If using the drop 2-3 times a day fails to improve symptoms get a diagnosis and treatment plan from an eye physician.

I have REALY itchy eyes I've tried itchy eye drops but that doesn't help what can I do.?

Itchy eyes. Itchy eyes most often due to allergy (environment: pollen, makeup, pets, detergent, etc), viral conjunctivitis (contagious: see eyeMD asap if severe itching), dry eye. An eyeMD can recommend stronger drops to help as needed. More@ Eyedoc2020.blogspot. Com.

Are eye drops the only solution for red, itchy eyes?

No. Artificial tears and washing the eyelids out with cool water can go a long way towards relief. Medicated drops are part of a comprehensive treatment regimen for ocular allergies.
No. Depends on the problem. If there's something anatomic that can be treated, or some irritant that can be removed/avoided, or some treatment like punctal plug for associated dry eye...

What is the most recommended eye drops for dry, itchy eyes?

Artificial tears. Artificial tears used regularly are the best solution. Sometimes medicated eye drops such as Restasis can help reduce the symptoms as well. See your ophthalmologist for appropriate suggestions.
Several. Various over the counter artificial tears, some are more watery vs. Oily, thicker tear lasts longer but can blur vision more. Try several to see what works best. Over the counter antihistamines can help with itching due to allergies.
Depends on the cause. There are many causes of itchy eyes. Several types of inflammatory conditions, allergic reactions, detergents, chemicals, and sometimes bacterial, viral or fungal infections can cause itchy eyes. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.

What are the best eye drops to use for itchy eyes with allergies?

Several options. There are vasoconstrictor drops such as visine that can help for occasional use. Patanol is an antiinflammatory that is useful. One nasal steroid, Veramyst is also approved for treating ocular symptoms (you still put it in your nose, not your eyes). Prevention is the best treatment, however, by taking a daily antihistamine or having immunotherapy. Call me if you're in my area.
Several options. There are several otc meds that available that are ocular antihistamines. Tears and similar otc moisturizing drops are helpful as well. Interestingly, there is some data that rx nasal steroids can help with ocular symptoms.

I have red eyes and itchy eyes and I brought optrex eye drops will they make my eyes worser?

Probably not. Optrex is not an American company nor am I aware that they legally distribute products in the USA, however they do make artificial lubricants and possibly some decongestant products also that are probably safe to use. These drops contain preservatives that sometimes cause allergy. See an eye doctor if symptoms persist.

Burning itchy eyes. Not allergic but taking prescribed antihistamines and eye drops. Feels like sand in eyes but no injury occurred.

Best get seen. Burning, watery eyes with "foreign body" sensation sure is exactly what my patients say allergies feel like. So can dry eye syndrome. If mild, can try ocular rewetting or saline drops, but get seen soon - early keratitis from virus as well as other inflammatory conditions of eyes or edges of lids start this way. Pain? Go right now to ER or ophthalmologist or eye specialist for a look.
Dry eye is treated. Differently from other issues such as ocular inflammation or allergies. But, they commonly can present with the same symptoms. Usually lubricating eye drops are first line therapy for dry eyes. Studies have shown that Omega-3 supplements may help as well. We can also place punctual plugs and use topical cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion drops are some of many potential treatments.
Dry eyes. The scratchy, burning symptoms are consistent with dry eyes (keratitis) that R exacerbated by using antihistamine medications. I recommend discontinuing the anti allergy drops & start using artificial tears (Refresh™, systane™, genteal™) every 2 to 4 hours for relief. Your oral medication may be helping your other allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny nose etc. Try this for several days & c if btR.