What does it mean if an echo shows you have a mildly dilated right ventricle & mild pulmonary hypertension?

Pulmonary HTN. Normally the right side of the heart is a low pressure system(only needs to pump blood to the lungs for oxygenation). For many different reasons, sometimes this low pressure system increases in pressure. This can create shortness of breath and low oxygen levels. If someone is asymptomatic with pulmonary hypertension, they should be followed especially if there is no known cause.
RVE. Right ventricular enlargement or rve typically occurs when the right side of the heart is stressed by the need to generate either increased blood flow or pressure. If you have both rve and pulmonary hypertension (ph), then you need to speak with your physician about the most appropriate tests to determine the cause and what treatment options are available.

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Can a slighly dilated right ventricle and mild pulmonary hypertension be ok for a 38 yo female with a history of asthma?

Check with your doc. That probably indicates that the asthma is so severe that it affects the right heart. Must check with your lung doc asap. You want to avoid complications in the future. May be you had blood clots in the lung? Read more...
Pulmonary hypertensi. The diagnosis needs to be worked up to know the cause. It might be the asthma but need to be sure there isn't another cause. Read more...