What are the benefits of having oral acetylcysteine in pulmonary fibrosis?

Pulmonary fibrosis. There is one type of pulmonary fibrosis (aka interstitial lung disease) known as uip(usual interstitial pneumonia) of which there have been some trials done with n-acetylcysteine(nac). It is thought that it may slow down the inflammatory process associated with uip. To date, there have not been convincing studies to suggest this. That being said, we do use it because the side effects are minimal.
Unknown. A small study using n-acetylcysteine was published a few years ago in the new england journal. In that study patients taking te drug had a slower rate of decline than patients not on the drug. The study is tough to interpret because the nac patients were also on steroids. A larger trial is underway but the drug is considered relatively safe to take.

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I have pulmonary fibrosis from smoking I've smoked since age 11, are there any psychotropic meds that can benefit the lungs?

Not to my knowledge. To my knowledge, psychotropic medications (for depression, bipolar mania, etc.) have no effect on lung function. They are designed to affect the nerve cells / in the central nervous system, & can have neurologic side effects that then affect other parts of the body (dry mouth, etc). There may be individual drugs with adverse lung effects, but nothing benefits. I feel for you: IPF is a tough diseas. Read more...