Is pulmonary fibrosis ever fatal?

Yes. Unfortunately idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a fatal disease. The two year mean (average) survival is only 50 percent (similar to some cancers) and treatment options are limited. The only definitive cure is lung transplant.
Pulmonary fibrosis. Fibrotic patterns on ct scans commonly take one of 3 different courses. It can reverse with medications such as Prednisone (in disorders as nonspecific interstitial pneumonitis- nsip), it could not get better. But not worsen( as with a toxic exposure), or it could progressively worsen and most definitely be fatal. An example of a process such as this is usual interstitial pneumonia (uip).
Yes. Although pulmonary fibrosis can progress at variable rates it can be a fatal illness and in fact only 30% of patients are still alive 5 years from diagnosis, although new treatments are being actively pursued.

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What is pulmonary fibrosis? Is it often fatal or just chronic?

Scarred Lungs. Pulmonary fibrosis is essentially scarring of the lungs. There are many different causes for the lungs to scar. The disease can be a long-term chronic problem however in certain cases if the underlying cause of scarring is not addressed, it can be fatal. Furthermore, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is almost uniformly fatal. Lung transplantation may be a final resort. . Read more...

Can any doc tell me what's pulmonary fibrosis and is it often fatal or is it just chronic?

Scar tissue in lungs. Many things can cause scar in the lung.Pulmonary fibrosis(ild) is a progressive disease. Need to r/o cause that are treatable. Some cases require a lung transplant. Need to be diagnosis by pulmonary md and some cases require lung biopsy. Need lung test(pft) and ct of chest.Symptoms are progressive shortness of breath typically. Other diagnosis must be excluded. Follow up with your md. Read more...