Could you get pulmonary fibrosis from breathing metal dust?

Pneumoconiosis. There are multiple causes of pulmonary fibrosis. Organic dust inhalation is a possibility, called pneumoconiosis. Causes depend on the exposure agent.
Yes. Heavy metal inhalation has been associated with pneumoconiosis which is fibrosis from inhalation of fine dust including heavy metals. Proper precautions according to osha guidelines wearing airway protection can prevent this.

Related Questions

How does one get pulmonary fibrosis? Is it genetic?

Unknown. At this time it is not known how pulmonary fibrosis occurs. It seems as if it is abnormal healing of the lungs resulting in an overgrowth of "scar tissue" from cells in the body known as fibroblasts. Approximately 1-2% of all fibrosis patients have familial pulmonary fibrosis (genetic cause) so it is rare to have other patients with the illness in your family.
Possibly. Pulmonary fibrosis is usually the result of chronic or recurrent inflammation of the lung, which subsequently leaves scarring in the lung, and can be due to environmental factors as well as genetic factors.

When you have pulmonary fibrosis can it get to cancer?

Not usually. Pulmonary fibrosis has a number of subsets or types. They are usually diseases that cause shortness of breath and difficulty with air exchange. They are not, per se, a risk factor for getting a malignancy or cancer.
Not really. Pulmonary fibroiss and lung cance are two separate lung problems. Pulmoanry fibroiss increases the risk of lung cancer, likley due to an overlap of risk factors between these two processes.

Will pulmonary fibrosis kill me if I don't get treatment?

Depends. It depends on why you have pulmonary fibrosis. Some variants respond to therapy, and others have no known effective therapy, and others still respond to removal of the source of irritation that caused it. Your pulmonologist should help determine the kind of fibrosis you have (through history, examination, a ct scan and then possibly a biopsy of the lung) and then direct therapy.