Can I breastfeed if I have inverted nipples?

Yes. Breastfeeding with inverted nipples is harder to do than with regular nipples. One can try to turn inverted nipples into regular nipples (unless one is having premature uterine contractions), such as by pushing on the areolas around the nipples, and gently tugging on the nipples to pull them outwards, making them longer. Lactation consultants, nipple shields, and/or breast pumping may be helpful.
Yes. Prior to your baby being born start wearing breast shells a few hours a day. You can also "pinch' gently around your areola to express the nipple or use a breast pump to break any adhesions that may be keeping the nipple inverted. When breastfeeding nipple shields can help the process in keeping your nipple available for your baby to feed.
Yes. Trying to breastfeed with inverted nipples is a bit harder than with regular non-inverted ones. First, try to turn inverted nipples into regular nipples (unless one is having premature uterine contractions), such as by pressing on the areolas surrounding the nipples, and gently tugging on the nipples to pull them outwards. Nipple shields, breast pumping, and/or lactation consultants may also help.
Yes. Yes, with a little extra help, you should be able to breastfeed successfully. There are special nipple shields which can be worn when nursing to help your baby latch on. Lactation consultants may have other suggestions as well. Ask for help- it's well worth it for both you and baby~.

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Is it normal to have inverted nipples? Can I breastfeed?

Yes, yes. During pregnancy lactation consultants will use a device to help the nipple protrude somewhat to assit for breastfeeding, this may work can't remember what they are called, but a colleague or lactation nurse might. Early on in your pregnancy let the doctor know of your concerns and they will get you to a lactation consultant to assit you.
Yes. You can breast feed, even with inverted nipples. Most hospitals have a team of lactation specialists who can assist you. Talk to your obstetrician for help.

Is there any chance my inverted nipples will come out? I'm 2 weeks pregnant and soon to give birth to my child and I want to breastfeed. Pls help! Ty

Lactation. There are ways to address an inverted nipple for the purpose of lactation. Available to you in most hospitals are lactation consultants that should be able to assist with that.

I have inverted nipples and have been breastfeeding for 4 months. Will they evert eventually?

Sometimes. Sometimes inverted nipples will evert with breastfeeding, but sometimes not. If your baby is exclusively breastfeeding and growing well after 4 months, you are doing very well. Sometimes using a breast pump can help. You may also find it useful to consult a lactation consultant in your area.

Is having inverted nipples a problem for breastfeeding?

Helpful suggestions. Inverted nipples might cause some difficultly when learning how to breast feed. A lactation consultant or doc experienced in breastfeeding management can show you proper positioning of the breast for the nipples to extend out. Some mothers also use breast shells- best used with the guidance of a lactation consultant. Remembers babies massage around the areola rather than the nipple tip to nurse.
It can be. Inverted nipples can make it difficult for the baby to latch properly. A good lactation consultant cand show you some things that might help. Many moms find the easiest way to get the all important breastmilk to the infant is to pump and then feed from a bottle.

How can I make my inverted nipples work for breastfeeding?

No-surgery v surgery. There are a variety of approaches for treating inverted nipples beginning with a nipple aspirator or nipplette device proceeding to nipple piercing and then to duct preserving techniques and lastly to duct transection. These are listed in increasing order of severity the last procedure most likely to compromise the ability of lactate and nurse.