Can I take these vitamins together: fish oil and calcium/magnesium with vit d and prenatal vitamins?

Some. The fish oil and prenatals are fine together. Ask your doctor how much calcium and vitamin d you need based on your diet. It may be worth getting a vitamin d level. If you need to take the additional calcium, it's probably best to take it apart from the prenatals, which also usually contain calcium.

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I take calcium, magnesium, hair/nails/skin vitamin, iron, and fish oil vitamin. How am I supposed to feel and how to I know they are working?

Hard to know. If you have had a deficiency of one of these vitamins or minerals, your symptoms should gradually improve- hair/nails will take a while because of slow growth. If taking for general health, it is certainly tricky to know because the goal is to not develop a condition. So, if you don't develop a condition, is it because the supplement helped or if you wouldn't have got it anyway. Good luck! Read more...