What is the danger of a blood clot in the leg?

Several. Local and entire leg swelling cellulitis tenderness leg ulcers and sores venous insufficiency life threatening embolism to lungs it depends on level of clot and early identification and treatment.
Blood clots. The major risk in blood clots of the veins of the legs (aka deep venous thrombosis) is that it will travel (or embolize) to the lungs and form something known as pulmonary embolism. This is potentially life threatening and requires immediate medical attention.

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My brother is having small blood clot in neck, left hand and leg for 4yrs was it danger or not?

Discuss with Doctor. We can not answer the question as we do not know what kind of blood clot and where exactly. He has had for four years.Has he received ant treatment?Did he have any tests?What was the cause of blood clots? He needs to have a thorough physical exam and complete detailed history, if a smoker, and he has been on warfarin, what is his inr and causes of clots etc. Better be discussed and followed by md. Read more...