What are the first signs of autism in baby?

In infancy. Core symptoms of autism look different at different ages, but always include delays in social communication. A 4-month-should goo and coo " in sync" with mom, a 6-month-old should raise his arms to be picked up, a 9-month old should respond to his name. The diagnosis includes much more, but these are things parents can notice early. Firstsigns.Org has good checklists for parents. Check it out!
Autism dx in baby. Autism occurs in 1:68 us children. The first sign of it is poor eye contact with the parent after infant is 3-4 months of age. These children usually will not coo and goo or smile. Later they may have significantly delayed speech. Have your ped screen him not later than 18 months with an mchat or other tool. The earlier the therapy, the better.