What can correct presbyopia?

Presbyopia . Presbyopia can be treated with glasses with a bifocal, contact lens monovision, multifocal contact lenses, monovision with lens implants, multifocal lens implants, lasik for monovision, and accommodative lens implants. Other methods are in development (such as presby-lasik, corneal stromal implants, femtosecond presbyopic treatments, etc.
Glasses or surgery. Presbyopia - inability to focus up close. Corrections include glasses or contacts, laser surgery such as lasik or prk, intraocular lens implants. Each has its risks, benefits, and limitations so please discuss in detail with your eye surgeon.
PRELEX PROCEDURE. Prelex is the latest procedure to correct presbyopia. http://www.prelexbook.com/reviews-of-the-book/ older methods 1)glasses 2) monovision lasik 3) ck.

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What can be done to correct presbyopia?

Glasses. Most cases of presbyopia are secondary to a loss of the accomodative capacity of our eyes as we normally age and can be corrected with a simple pair of corrective lenses. Read more...
Corrective lens. Presbyopia is the development of inflexibility of the lens with aging; symptoms include blurred vision at normal reading distances, the need to hold material at arms length to see it, and headaches/fatigue from close work. Unfortunately, the only sure method for correcting presbyopia is corrective lenses. Sometimes simple reading glasses from the drug store work, but usually u need prescription. Read more...