What type of lung disease or problems can indoor mold cause?

Cough, asthma, pain. Indoor mold is a very common yet often hidden problem. It can cause a variety of serious health problems including cough, asthma, shortness of breath & chest pain, both through allergic reactions to mold and due to inflammation caused by exposure to mold toxins. About 25% of the population has a genetic hypersensitivity to mold. See http://www.Survivingmold.Com/diagnosis for much more information.
Molds & Lung disease. Indoor molds are usually benign but some species are known to cause lung problems. Many patients with underlying lung diseases like asthma & cystic fibrosis are especially susceptible. Allergic sensitization to these molds usually leads to chronic cough & xray changes that do not respond to standard therapies. Please consult a lung specialist for detailed assessment & workup if you have concerns.