What natural alternative could you use to replace using albutenol and pulmicont to treat coughing and wheezing?

What is "natural"? Nearly all drugs are purified synthetic forms of naturally occurring plant alkaloids or endogenous substances. Despite extensive research, no well done studies show superiority or even equivalence of "alternative" treatments compared to standard bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory drugs you refer to. These are very safe and work very well for the majority of asthma related cough & wheezing.
Not Much. Altho there are " natural" substances that have some effect upon wheezing, they are not really available in safe, properly dosed preparations.Many of the recommended medicationsused are based upon naturally occurring substances. Other than avoiding triggers, theere are, as always, no simple answers for complicated problems.
Prevention. Maybe you need to focus on finding what triggers your symptoms. What you eat, what fumes you can potentially inhale from chemicals, what touches your skin that your body may react to. This in combination with your current bronchodilator and your controller, may help you obtain control of your symptoms. Talk to your doctor about triggers.
Bronchodilators. The medicines you have mentioned belong to a class of drugs called bronchodilators. Theophylline is one the bronchodilators which may be found in tea and coffee. Prevention of asthma by cutting on foods known to cause inflammation may help. Cut down on sugar and sweets. Avoid artificial sweeteners as they may decrease the immune system. Take omega-3, fish oil or flax seed oil, and grapeseed oil.

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Are there long term effects of using albuterol and pulmicort? My three year old has had to use them to treat his wheezing for over a month now

Very few. Albuterol can cause tachycardia (fast heart rate) which ceases when the medication is metabolized. Pumicort is an inhaled steroid. Users of this can develop thrush (oral fungal infection). Rinsing the mouth after use usually prevents this. Read more...