They found a spot or scar on my left lung. After 6 months they want to do a CT guided needle biopsy. What is this?

CT guided biopsy. When a spot is close enough to the chest wall, interventional radiologists are able to use ct scan pictures to guide a small needle into a spot. Normally, when a spot is found, we follow it with ct scans. It it looks like it's getting bigger, we plan for a ct guided biopsy to find out what it is. When the spot is away from the chest wall we consider bronchoscopy vs surgical removal.
Targeted biopsy~GPS. It is a minimally invasive method (as opposed to an open lung biopsy) that uses the cat scan to guide the trajectory of the needle to its target via the safest pathe to minimize damage to critical structures and ensure that the desired tissues are sampled for analysis. It is similar to gps for your car.