The hot water pipe beneath my apt burst and left a fumey smell and it's making me cough & wheeze. Why?

Mold. The damp environment may have created a situation for mold to grow... You may have an allergy to the mold.. Have the managment check it out.
Mold? Could be mold! your best bet is to have a professional evaluate your home where the pipe burst. In the correct environment, mold can grow rather quickly and even aeorsolize via the duct system. If present, it needs to be professionally treated and your symptoms should resolve.

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The hot water pipe beneath my apt burst and left a fumey smell. It makes my children cough & wheeze. What is going on?

Airway irritation. Cough and wheezing are manifestations of airway irritation, which may or may not be allergic, if there is not a concurrent infection. Water leaks promote mold formation relatively fast, especially if with warm environment. Materials used to fix the pipes might also be irritant. Whether allergy or non-allergic your doctor might be able to assess and control these symptoms. Read more...
Airway irritation. This could be an allergy, it could be chemical, physical irritation of the airways, the air passages in the children's lungs. You should have them seen by their primary health care practitioner. Read more...