How well do the whooping cough vaccines work in preventing whooping cough?

75-90% BUT.. They prevent anywhere from 75-90% of the infections. But the length of time that the protection remains varies in each individual from 2-3 years to 10 years.Get your boosters!
Pretty Good, But... The effectiveness of pertussis vaccines (for "whooping cough") ranges from 75 to 90% in individuals, but the effectiveness is even greater in preventing whooping cough in a community, because it becomes much harder to people to transmit and catch the disease when so many are protected. This is "herd immunity" and why it is so important for everyone to stay protected and get their boosters.
75-90% efficacy. The efficacies of current acellular pertussis vaccines (protection of the individual from a significant coughing and control of epidemic disease) ranges from 75 to 90%.