How soon after quitting smoking will the shortness of breath go away?

Varies. It depends on a lot of things. How long you have been smoking, whether there is a lot of acute inflammation or infection, what the exact factors are in the shortness of breath, are all factors that could influence the result. Unless there has been a lot of irreversible damage to the lungs, you should eventually note improvement. For sure, stopping smoking is your best chance to improve.
Depends. If you haven't done serious damage already (like chronic bronchitis and emphysema), things will improve within a few weeks to a few months. If more damage is done, recovery will be slower and will not be complete. But it won't get worse, which is very important. If you are out of condition, you can help yourself with a gradual aerobic exercise program, which will improve your sob and fitness.

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How quickly following quitting smoking does the shortness of breath go away?

Smoking. Depends on what problems the smoking has caused, if its caused irreversible lung damage the symtpoms won't go away, if the lung changes are reversible some will be quick others could take months. Read more...

Does quitting smoking result in shortness of breath im 49 and haven't smoked for 4 or 5 days now?

It can. The toxins in tobacco paralyse the cilia (whiplike hairs) in your respiratory tract. When you stop smoking, the cilia start working again by whipping junk out of your lungs and airway. As a result you may be coughing and bringing up mucus. Read more...

Can you tell me what to expect with someone who has had strong shortness of breath after quitting smoking for 2 weeks?

Should get better. But it is common for cough and sputum production to increase after stopping smoking, because your lungs are now able to clean themselves out from the crud you have been putting down there. The coughing can feel like shortness of breath. Don"t start again because of this. You will feel better and better after a few weeks, and the health effects will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Read more...