How can the cystic fibrosis gene affect tuberculosis?

Lung Function. The gene itself will not affect tuberculosis. However, if an individual receives 2 recessive genes of the cftr mutation from their parents, they will develop cystic fibrosis (cf). Because CF can lead to repeated bacterial lung infections (among other things), the lungs would already be in a weakened state if exposed to the causative agent of tuberculosis. This might lead to faster disease onset.

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Cystic fibrosis is a disorder of genes but which ones?

CF gene mutations. There are currently more than 1900 mutations that are known to cause cf. About 70% of CF pts in us have deltaf508 mutation, as 1 in every 25 persons is a carrier for this mutation. All these mutations result in abnormal activity of a protein called cftr which causes all the CF related problems. Genetic testing can give the specific mutation each pt has. Talk to your local CF center. Read more...