Could you explain the difference between active lung disease & lung injury?

Ongoing damage. Active lung disease refers to a process that is not under control and can lead to ongoing damage or injury to the lung. Lung injury when acute is a one time event, but when chronic is likely caused by that active lung disease.
Different entities. Lung injury is a non-specific term that refers to any form of injury to the lung caused by trauma, infection, inflammation etc. Active lung disease again is a non-specific term for chronic disorders of the lung that can flare up from time to time and become "active". So this so-called active lung disease in someone with a pre-existing lung disease may be caused by an additional injury to the lung.

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What is the difference between active lung disease. Lung injury?

Cause and Effect. Lung disease can be caused by many factors like cigarette smoking, tuberculosis, lung cancer, asthma, and others. Lung injury could occur from lung disease, trauma to the chest wall/lungs, or inhalation of toxic substance. So, a lung injury can happen from an isolated sudden accident or it could happen as a result of a disease process. I hope this helps. Read more...

How do active lung disease&lung injury differ?

Continuum. An active process can be limited or ongoing-chronic. It can be inflammation, tumor, or trauma or combined. An injury can be trauma and acute, or chronic like smoking. Stab wound is acute and an injury. These words are adjectives describing the situation. Active- something happening. Injury a problem, damage etc. . Read more...