What are some tips for weight management with polycystic ovary syndrome?

Metformin & Berberin. The anti-diabetic drug metformin, and the herb berberine, are both indicated for restoring Insulin receptor sensitivity in those with pcos. Insulin resistance is a characteristic of pcos, resulting in high levels of insulin, which results in increased body fat. Metformin and berberine have both been shown to result in normalization of Insulin levels, and loss of body fat.
Diet, Exercise, Meds. Many women with pcos gain weight or find it hard to lose. Moderately low carb diets (south beach, weight watchers), complex carbs instead of simple: brown rice, whole wheat bread/pasta, less sugars, more protein, can help, as well as portion control. Exercise - do weights and cardio at least 3 x a week: weights increase muscle mass, burns more calories. Some lose weight on metformin treatment.