Do weight loss pills actually work?

FDA approval. The 4 drugs currently approved for weight loss by the fda have been shown to be effective over placebo in clinical trials. Phentermine (short term), orlistat, Qsymia and belviq (lorcaserin). No medication is without risks. Once you stop the drug, the weight will come back to baseline thus use them in adjunct to a sound diet and exercise program. Use them under supervision by a physician. Good luck.
Temporary with risks. Weight loss pills are a short term solution with risks. There are multiple types of pills - ones that suppress appetite, ones that block absorption of foods into body. Talk to your doctor for the specifics. However, the best solution is to change dietary habits. Track everything you eat, limit your portion sizes, cut back on added sugars and fats and begin an activity. See choosemyplate.Gov.

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Only if. Only if you're trying to lose weight in your wallet. Why would you take something when you don't know what's in it or whether it'll harm you -- particularly when it won't help you. Don't get your medical information from friends, tv or the internet. Invest in healthy nutrition, weight loss, diet, etc. Read more...
No. It is mostly wrong to think that eating anything can lower weight. And, the exception, dinitrophenol, is instructive. By de linking calorie burning from doing anything useful it burns up fat but causes fever, electrolyte abnormalities and often death has some useful diet advice and info and is a humor book. Read more...