My wife is experiencing psyhcosis since her heart problem started. She has implanted estrogen pellets and uses progesterone troche. Could HRT be the cause?

Psychosis? I'm not sure what you mean by "psyhcosis." if you're concerned that she has hallucinations, delusions, paranoid (very suspicious of others' motivations, etc) behavior, labile emotions, depression, high anxiety, etc, please help her get to her physician who may also want her to see a psychiatrist. Hormones can affect emotions, and it's important to have these changes evaluated and dealt with.
Hormones. Hormones play a role in mood changes in susceptible individuals. Discuss with her hrt prescribing physician.
perhaps. She needs to see her physician to have her hormone levels rechecked. You did not mention if her implants were synthetic or bioidentical and many factors can come into play. Hormones play a large role in mood and it is is extremely important to keep them in balance. If using a compounded product, it is also extremely important your pharmacy has outside sources check the purity of their product.