My uncle has COPD and I'm wondering if it is hereditary?

Usually not... Most often, COPD is due to smoking. If you do not smoke, you are less likely to get copd. However, one etiology of copd, alpha-1-anti trypsin deficiency, can occur in families. If your uncle has this and you develop symptoms, you may consider being tested for this so you can be treated before damage to your lungs and liver occurs.
No. The vast majority of cases is not. There is a rare genetic predisposition related to a deficiency in Alpha 1 anti trypsin. It is a blood test. Your uncle should be checked, and you can take the test if you want.
It may be. COPD may be caused by alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, which may be inherited. It is rare but look it up and talk to your doctors!