Azithromycin in europe (im there only currently)-is sumamed. Is it same pill, safe for treat of pity. Rosea too? To me is said to take 500mg 1x1 for 3 days

Safe, not effective. Sumamed=zithromax/azithromycin. Zithromax is a relatively safe medication to take, even in pregnancy, and 500mg daily x3 is the 3-day-pack dosage. It is relatively safe medicine to use, but not effective for pityriasis rosea--the true cause is not known but believed to be viral. Thus antibiotic such as zithromax has no role in the treatment. Consult doc if you have trouble. Good luck.
Pityriasis rosea? Rashes are difficult to describe in words. A primary care doctor or a dermatologist can examine a pityriasis rosea rash to confirm the diagnosis. Sometimes rashes are related to viruses, allergies, medications, etc., but many times they are not. Pityriasis rosea is not treated with antibiotics or antivirals (the cause of the rash is unknown). It goes away in 6 weeks by itself.