Is bird flu more harmful to people with copd?

Yes. Any type of respiratory infection is potentially harmful to patients with chronic respiratory disorders such as copd.

Related Questions

How do people treat bird flu?

Support. Most of the treatment is supportive, meaning supplemental oxygen if needed, or even mechanical ventilatory support if respiratory failure. It is recommended patients be treated with the anti-influenza drug "tamiflu" if the present with symptoms early enough. Other measures of non specific support may be needed, IV fluids etc. Depending on the severity of illness.
Supportive care. Anti-influenza drugs may be used early in the infection, but generally treatment consists of supportive care and, prevention/treatment of secondary infections.

How did bird flu start and where did it begin?

SE China. New strains of influenza generally arise from se china where swine, ducks and humans are all in close proximity allowing combinations of influenza to occur. Sometimes an animal has two different infections simultaneously allowing genetic mixing to occur and a new strain to develop.

Can bird flu be spread from people to birds? Or only from birds to people?

Avian influenza. The ability of a strain of influenza to cross from animals to humans is always a concern. What is more significant is the ability, after crossing from birds to man whether it will then continue from man to man. Whether humans give it back to birds is not known and highly unlikely. The epidemiology of influenza is a major topic by itself and quite important in predicting human outbreaks. Keep at it.
Avian Flu. It's hard to answer your question but to the best that we know, it mutated to cross from avian reservoir to humans. The opposite has not been seen or proven.

Are there any travel warnings about avoiding the bird flu that us government suggests?

Avoid sick birds. The cdc & who websites are constantly updated with information about bird flu. It is spread by both migrating wild birds and domestic birds, mostly chickens. To prevent exposure to bird flu avoid raising, handling of or slaughtering of birds. Avoid undercooked poultry. Be especially careful to avoid contact with groups of ill or dying birds. Southeast asia is the greatest area of risk.
CDC. Gov. Consult this site for travel advisory. Http://wwwnc. Cdc. Gov/travel/page/avian-flu-information. Htm.
NO. At this time, cdc is not recommending that the general public avoid travel to any of the countries where there is bird flu in poultry or other birds. Avoid contact with sick or dead birds, get vaccinated before travel. Confirmed event of bird flu are now in indonesia, china, vietnam, egypt.

Can a parakeet spread bird flu?

Not reported. Avian influenza has been in chicken and duck populations. It would be very rare for a parakeet to acquire influenza. They can carry other transmissible diseases though.

Why is bird flu not able to be transmitted between humans?

Not true. While bird flu has a reservoir in birds, once it gets into humans, it will be spread from personal contact.

How probable is it that I could have got bird flu or cryptococcosis from the bird?

Not likely. What bird are you concerned about? It you do not have any symptoms, it is unlikely that you have either infection.