If a person who has COPD and starts coughing up blood, how serious is it?

Pulmonologist. Must see a pulmonologist and obtain a flexible bronchoscopy to identify the bronchus from which the blood is comming and obtain a cat scan thorax with and without contrast. Must rule out cancer causing hemoptysis(coughing up blood).Hemoptysis can sometimes be life threatening, must know the source for emergency control of the airway if needed.
Very serious. If you have not coughed up blood before, you need to contact you physician asap, or report to the nearest emergency department.

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I'm 47 years old I have COPD and lately I've been coughing up blood?

Time to see your doc. While most of the time hemoptysis or coughing up blood is benign and due to bronchitis, given your history of COPD would recommend a visit with your doc for tight clinical follow-up and further work up as felt necessary. Read more...

I have COPD & now I'm coughing up blood or something because it looks dark orange. I've been having sinus trouble from all the pollen..

COPD Exacerbation. Sounds like acute bacterial exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. It is fairly common to have some blood streaked sputum during an exacerbation. In most patients with COPD the infectious trigger is bacterial so antibiotics are usually needed. Contact your physician to make an appointment. You may need antibiotics. If they feel you need more of a workup, they may order a cxr. Read more...