Could u die from having a hysterectomy and having copd (breathing problems) I smoke cigarettes?

Yes but unlikely. Part of surgical planning is to asses the medical risks of surgery for each individual. Someone with COPD will need evaluation of their lung function before the obgyn will decide whether or not to, perform the surgery. A team approach is often required. A pulmonologist or internal medicine physician should perform the preop testing and communicated this to the obgyn and anesthesiologist.
Need evaluation. Anyone with chronic health conditions, especially those affecting the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver, should see their primary treating specialist and their gynecologist prior to surgery. Your pulmonologist can help quantify the risk someone would face based on the severity of your disease and the type of hysterectomy planned. Your gynecologist can quantify the risks if you don't get surgery.

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My aunt has COPD and other breathing problems, she smokes. I would like to know if it would be better for her to smoke those electronic cigarettes. Ss?

COPD. It would be better for her to smoke nothing. Any smoke is damaging to the lungs and hers are already damaged if she has copd. Read more...
Safety unknown. E-cigarettes may contain toxins which can be carcinogens. Better alternatives include nicotine replacements, smoking cessation aids, and physician counseling . Read more...