Can COPD patients use glutathione in a nebulizer?

Use as mucomist. Glutathione is end product of n-acetyl cysteine since glutathione gets degraded quickly you need the precursor. So for COPD use mucomist which is nac in liquid form smells like sewage so I prefer the capsule to avoid this. John hopkins univ did a critical care seminar and they are using nac for acute kidney failure too.
No. Glutathione is not fda approved for the treatment of copd. In human studies, it was reported to trigger an "asthma attack".

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Why do copd/cold patients sometimes need to use pulmo aide nebulizer?

Medication delivery. Pulmo aide is one brand of nebulizer. There are many others. Patients with COPD benefit from medications delivered directly to the lung by an inhaler or a nebulizer. A nebulizer is useful for those who cannot use an inhaler effectively.
Decrease inflammatio. In order to decrease airway inflammation and relieve symptoms, patients with these disorders are often given steroid inhalers. Nebuluzer is just one method to deliver the steroids directly to the airways to decrease inflammation. You can also use a steroid meter-dose inhaler. Rinse your mouth after dosing to prevent thrush, a fungal mouth infection.