At what stage of leukemia is the symptom of a red spots/rash on arms and chest that are itcy?

Depends. Unlike solid tumor, there is differet stage, leukemia is usually disseminated disease at diagnosis. For someone without history of leukemia, rash usually is not caused by leukemia (although occasionally leukemia can present this way). For someone with confirmed diagnosis of leukemia, rash could be symptoms of leukemia, or infection, or medication reaction. Check with your oncologist.
Manifestation. This can be skin manifestation of the leukemia. See your dermatologist.

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Why do I have red spots in the heat that look like rash on arms?

Heat rash? Heat can cause a rash - redness, clear small blisters or a hive like reaction. Cold compresses with water or whole milk will relieve sy proms followed by Hydrocortisone cream and/ or aloe vera. Read more...