Hi, I have had a sore throat and hoarsness for 2 months, my neck is swollen and pain goes up to my ear. This is only the right side. Blood test are normal. I have had a ultrasound, CT scan, chest xray, a biopsy. They found nodules on my thyroid. My biopsy

Continue. Continue to let them evaluate you for the exact answer.
Not certain. This may not be related to a dental infection, but could be related to an untreated infected tooth/teeth. If all medical tests are inconclusive, i would see a dentist to check that no infections persist in or around any teeth.

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Had pain in my left salivary gland for 5 months, ear, jaw pain red 1eye, pain in the back of my neck, tight, 1 side throat pain.2 blood test ok. Ct ok.!?

Explain more. Please explain pain in the salivary gland, how was that diagnosed? Have you seen a dentist or an ent? Who have you seen? Was the dental side cleared up? No cavities or decay found? Please provide more detailed info. Read more...
Unsure. Is it the parotid gland? We can't really provide individual medical advice, especially without a physical exam. These kind of signs point toward the need for a visit with your doctor. Read more...