I am currently taking chantix to stop smoking and I'm also on steroids for bronchitis. Are these two medications safe?

Depends. If you are on oral steroids, make sure your pulmonary doctor is aware. Chantix can produce weird, vivid and sometimes frightening dreams, and can also worsen depression. Oral steroids can also worsen depression in some people. I do not know if the effects are additive. If your doctor is aware you are on both meds, discuss with him/her. If you are feeling severe sadness, stop the chantix.
Depends. Prednisone for short periods of time is safe. Chantix however is under scrutiny after a canadian study was published this summer showing a high risk of stroke and heart attack in patients taking the drug. Like all medication the risk must be balanced by the benefit. I have had a lot of patients have high success with chantix.