What causes fluid build in lungs?

Inflammation. Inflammation or reaction to a foreign body like a bacteria such as infectio fluid in the lungs are also some disease states that cause your body to attack its own tissue and i can closterwood in the longs also remember that all these connect organs are connected in some way to each other in the chest so if the heart fails fluking back up into the lungs and vice versa is more competine you realize but it's a good question.

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Aspiration pneumonia: what are its causes and cures? What causes fluid build up in the lungs? Will infections set in?

Aspiration pneumonia. It is an inflamation of the lungs due to food, liquids, and often stomach acid entering lungs through the trachea. Its most common in those with swallowing abnormalities where the entrance to trachea is not adequately covered during swallowing. Reflux is often a contributing factor. Often more common in the elderly. Secondary infection may set in. Prevention is important in those predisposed. Read more...