Could pancreatitis induced ards?

Yes. During the early phase of severe acute pancreatitis, factors are released into the bloodstream that depress the function of many organs in the body, including the lungs. In extreme cases, ARDS may develop.
Yes. Severe pancreatitis can lead to systemic inflammation and multi-organ failure including ards. This is rare, but does occur often enough that most icus will see several cases a year.
Yes. Ards, or acute respiratory distress syndrome, can be caused by a multitude of diseases, including pancreatitis.

Related Questions

Family elder is in icu with pancreatitis induced ards. How did that happen?

Complex reasons. ARDS is a condition where the lining of the air sacs in the lung become leaky and allow fluid to flow into the air sacs and making it difficult for the lung to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. The cause can be direct injury such as a pneumonia or inhaling a substance that damages the lung or, as is the likely case with you family member, that there is whole body inflammation (pancreatitis).

What is the survival of someone with pancreatitis who develops ards?

App. 60-70% Most people with acute pancreatitis have mild-to-moderate disease, with little long term consequences. Severe pancreatitis is characterized by pancreatic necrosis, leading to temporary organ dysfunction such as respiratory failure, kidney failure, etc. The mortality rate associated with acute lung injury is significantly affected by the baseline health of the affected person.
Depends. On the cause of the pancreatitis and the severity. There are predictive models that give you an idea of the expected mortality. ARDS per se is not factored in, oxygenation is. Other parameters include fluid requirement, degree of anemia, liver enzyme changes. ..Etc. The mortality can be as high as 90% or as low as 10%.
Varies. The medical literature has reported that about 60-70% of people with ARDS related to pancreatitis survive their ards. This number can vary widely depending upon the underlying co-morbid conditions in the individual. So, the applicability of this number in the medical literature does not necessarily mean that the particular individual with this problem has a 60-70% chance of survival.

What are the survival chances if diagnosed with acute pancreatitis with ARDS and arf and unstable blood pressure?

Varible. The scenario carries a high mortality but age and few co-morbidities may allow one to survive it. ARDS implies significant pancreatic damage such that the lungs and subsequent kidneys fail, necessitating mechanical ventilation and dialysis. Attention to fluid balance, nutrition and possible infection improve the odds of survival.