Should peanuts and eggs be avoided by kids with bronchial asthma?

Not necessarily . Only if they are found to be allergic to these things.
Depends. Is the child allergic to peanuts and/or eggs? If so, they should be avoided as they can be a trigger for asthma. If not, there's really no reason to restrict these foods from the diet.
Asthma and peanuts. Only if you have documented allergy to penuts or eggs, if not then it is ok to eat penuts and eggs, IG you suspect allergu to these see an allergist.
Not automatically... ...Many, but not all, children with asthma may be sensitive to these foods. Smoking in the house is about the biggest universal no-no.

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Are peanuts and eggs to be avoided by kids with asthma?

Not necessarily. The answer is yes, only if the child is allergic to peanuts and/or eggs. If there is no allergy, then there is no reason for the child to avoid those foods as they should not cause any problems with their asthma symptoms. Read more...
Depends. This would depend on whether the two foods are triggers of the asthma or triggers of allergic responses (both mild or severe). See your doctor to help determine this. Read more...