Can acid reflux cause left arm numbness and blurred vision?

No. Gastric reflux is not associated with arm numbness or visual changes. You need to have those symptoms evaluated by your doctor.
Unrelated. Your reflux is likely unrelated to the arm numbness and blurred vision. You should see a regular and eye doctor.

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What causes pain near the left scapula sometimes radiates to my chest and left arm neck. Dr says prob pinched nerve I have acid reflux as well help!?

Pain. Doubt reflux favor pinched neve with sx described MRI indicated to determine cause and best treatment. May be non surgical medication, injection therapy. Tens helpful if used consistently. Read more...
Nerve . Sounds like it could be a pinched nerve in your lower neck. Typically these will get better on their own. You can try icing, antiinflammatories and give this some time. If it doesn't seem to be letting up, an MRI can be done and other treatments can be tried. Follow up with your doc too. Read more...