@ age 17 in 2001 my g-bladder removed & have seen 2drs don't know if myg-bladder being out can cause IBS & dumping syndrome & acid reflux?

Cholecystectomy. Or removal of your gall bladder can cause diarrhea due to the bile salts. If this is what you are calling dumping, ask your doctor about a trial of Cholestyramine 1-3 times per day. This will usually fix the diarrhea but needs to be taken regularly.
Not likely . Ibs and acid reflux is pretty common but I do not know of any association with galbladder remover. Dumping if this is the right diagnosis is close enough to the stomach that it makes some sense it could cause it. I wonder about you having all these diagnosis's since some of them have similar diagnosis. See a GI doctor and have him get the whole story and perhaps simplify things.