Could people with asthma or allergies be more prone to fungal infections?

Sometimes. People with asthma or allergies, who have mild symptoms and healthy immune systems probably are not more prone to fungal infections. Patients with lots of asthma/allergy symptoms, especially if they have weakened immune systems, can have problems with airborne fungi. Such patients may have worse symptoms when exposed to fungi such as aspergillus, blastomyces, or coccidioides.
No. The person may be more sensitive to mold allergens, but there is no data to support an increased risk of fungemia or invasive fungal infection in these patients.

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Can a bad fungal infection cause rash that hurts/tingle/crawly feeling? I thought scabies/derm says allergy. Prednisone made worse, miconazole helping.

Not usual. Since prednisone made it worse, I suspect that your problem may be from an anxiety reaction if there is no visible rash. If there is a rash, then one needs to consider other conditions than allergy (which usually causes itching). This is not likely from a fungal infection however. Get a 2nd opinion if needed. Read more...