I am 35 weeks pregnant. I am having UTI symptoms such as frequent urination, lower back pain, & foul odor smelling urine. But doctor says I don't have a uti. What could it be?

Cystitis. The uterus is sitting right on top of the bladder, compressingit and not allowing it to fill correctly. These symptoms are not uncommon.
?Nitrite negative. Possibly dr. Performed a "dipstick" test on your urine. Nitrite reagent on strip changes color for most, but by no means all, bacteria. Symptoms strongly suggest a uti. Urine culture is much more relaible, also urine microscopy & gram stain of urinary sediment. Your dr. Could safely put you on an antibiotic once urine sample has been provided, even before result of culture is returned. Good luck.

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I went to the doctor for a uti. They said there was no bacteria. Now I have lower back pain and still have UTI symptoms and I don't feel right.

Consider different. Consider going to different clinic or getting a second opinion. If doctor evaluated you using urinalysis, solely, then it's possible he/she missed the diagnosis. If he/she performed a urine culture and it returned negative, then diagnosis is true and pain may be due to something else. Cultures take a few days, if that helps. Signs uti: increased frequency and pain with urination. Good luck! Read more...