Are people with asthma at greater risk of getting lung cancer?

No. Asthma itself is not a risk factor for lung cancer.
Possibly. We don’t know the answer for sure. There is a suggestion that the risk is greater in non-smokers than in smokers. A large review revealed that lung cancer was 1.8 times more common in non-smokers with asthma than non-smokers who didn’t have asthma. A study looked at people overall in the u.S, including people who smoke – the risk was that people with asthma were 1.4 times more likely to get lung ca.

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Does asthma or lung cancer have a correlation to residence near hazardous waste sites?

It might. Depends on the nature of the waste. If it gets into the air or the water table it could have an effect on normal body function and at least encourage disease. We live in an increasingly toxic world to our ever increasing peril.

My daughter takes albuterol for asthma. I'm being told that albuterol causes lung cancer. Is this true.?

Not true. Not true. No reliable study to show the evidence that albuterol causes lung cancer.
No. There are no reputable studies that support this claim.
Smoking. Smoking causes lung cancer. Albuterol is a rescue medication when wheezing, short of breath. If using it more than 2 days per week, your doctor needs to consider prevention/maintenance meds. The purpose is to avoid attacks and use of albuterol.
Wow! I mean, No! I've heard a lot of goofy things, but this one takes the cake. Not only can't a molecule like albuterol cause cancer, there isn't even an increased risk of lung cancer in asthmatics that could be mistakenly attributed to albuterol use. Somebody just made this up.
Not likely. Albuterol has been the standard-of-care for asthma for a very long time. That means that literally millions of people have been using this drug for a very long time. If it caused lung cancer, it would be all over the news and would have been pulled from the market years ago. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of folks who spread rumors without serious thought as to their truthfulness.

My husband is 72 years old. And he as asthma and had lung cancer. In the morning he always has a lot of flem coming up. What can it be.

Asthma. You mention he still smokes, which causes constant inflammation of the airways and hence cough and mucus production. His asthma/copd could also be not well controlled. You should discuss these issues with his pulmonollgist and he should stop smoking!
Spectrum. Certainly it may be related to his continued smoking. It could be something benign light post nasal drip or indicative of a lung infection. If he is running a fever, having chills, or coughing up phlegm that is green a visit to his doctor would be reasonable. In addition, if he has not had routine follow up for his lung cancer he should.

My lungs are damaged by chemo, I have asthma, my grandma died from lung cancer I've been smoking scine I was thirteen I want to quit how would be safe?

You can if you want. First is your decision, then some support, multiple studies showed that people who had a strong desire and strong decision to quit are successfull, md' scan help you with multiple meds, on you there are two bad things You started at early age when your lung cells are still immature and more prone to get injury, and second you have family history of lung ca, quit and get help of MD.

Can being around someone who smokes cigars in front of you give you lung cancer or just asthma?

Dangerous. Second hand smoke exposure is a known risk factor for both lung cancer and asthma.
Depends... Inhalation of second-hand smoke, in any form, can be a risk factor for asthma and lung cancer. But, risk depends on the amount of the exposure (ie how often you are exposed and for what period of time; bigger exposure=higher risk of these diseases). See your doctor to determine your risk.
Yes. Risk factors of lung cancer most definitely includes inhaling secondhand smoke. You can also learn more about risk factors at the following link: http://www. Cancer. Net/cancer-types/lung-cancer/risk-factors-and-prevention.

What are signs of lung cancer, smoker nine years grandma died from it inhalers not helping for asthma pressure when breathing?

No cancer. Today but you are tempting fate. Cigarrettes and asthma do nit mix.
Coughing blood. Chronic cough, recurrent pneumonia, bloody sputum, weight loss, and hoarseness are some symptoms of lung cancer. You are young with asthma so one of the best things you could do to help prevent this from ever happening to you is to quit smoking. There are a lot of ways we can help you! There are medications, support groups, acupuncture, and even hypnotism that have all been successful in helping.

Xray came bk as a serious problem I have emergency app with Dr tomorrow. Lungs blocked I have asthma. I smoke. I'm always tired is it lung cancer?

Worrisome but. These are questions that can best be answered by those who have the benefit of your expanded history, exam and testing. It is likely your initial testing was ambiguous but worrisome so they set you up to see a specialty doc to sort it out. Your concern is valid but I wouldn't go to the "C" diagnosis so quickly. There are many other issues that can slow you down and need urgent attention.

2 months slight dry cough. Ex smoker for 14 yrs. 2xrays. Bloods all fine. Seen thoratic specialist. Suspect asthma. Could it be lung cancer.?

Cough. With two normal chest x-rays, the chance of lung cancer is quite remote. Asthma is much more likely. Keep following up with your doctor.
Congratulations on. Quitting. I'm an ex-smoker off for 30 years. Relapsed many times before finally ditched them for good. You might see a pulmonary specialists to probe the cause of your cough, review your x-rays, and consider pulmonary function tests. It would establish a post-smoking baseline, but could reveal copd, asthma, other lung or heart ailment or that all is well. Highly unlikely that you have lung ca.