I got my wrist cut. Doctors said I was lucky that I didn't cut an important tendon, but I did cut one. So they just stitched me up. Is it normal?

Palmaris longus. The palmar is longus is a tendon that has no motion function like others in your wrist, but is thought to help stabilize the wrist. It is commonly harvested for use in tendon or other reconstructive surgery. If this is all you cut, you are lucky! the median nerve and other important tendons that would impair finger flexion could have easily been cut. Major problem! lucky it wasn't a deeper cut!
Sometimes. There are some tendons that do not add anything to function and 1 that many people do not even have, so it is not important to repair them and create a prolonged recovery. Also, for a slight nick a repair is often not needed. It might be a good idea to find out for sure from the er records and review the findings with your family doctor, who could refer you to a specialist if necessary.
Cut tendons. at the wrist can include partial tendon injury or a tendon injury even if complete that she do not repair such as the palmaris and depending upon the situation the FCR tendon. Speak to your surgeon regarding the specifics, the risks and benefits oaf not repaying vs remaining and rehabbing a tendon injury. Its not black and white despite what others may tell you.
Yes. One tendon is relatively unimportant and does not need to be repaired. It is sometimes not even present.