How long is the life expectancy of stage 5 brain cancer?

You mean stage IV. Unfortunately stage IV is terminal stage in months , fingers in one hand is enough, reducing brain edema making life as comfortable as is the main aim at this stage.
No stage 5 in brain. The staging used for cancer is usually ajcc (american joint committee on cancer). There is no staging for primary brain cancers, and no "stage 5" in any primary cancer.

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Following being diagnosed with brain cancer, how long is life expectancy?

Really depends. Are you talking a primary brain tumor or metastatic disease from another site. If a primary brain tumor, it depends on a few features - what grade - ie grade 2, 3, or 4, patient age, and other comorbidities. Grade 2s live about 10 years grade 3s live about 3-5 years grade 4s live if metastatic disease, survival is less than 1 year (if not shorter). Read more...

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, how long is the average life expectancy?

See belowl. It depends on whter the canceer is primary inthe brain or is a metastaic lesion. Metastasis can be treated by irradiation oor escison and cna buy up to a year in life wthil primary brain cancer is much more difficult to treat. Read more...

Could you give me sone details about metastatic brain cancer and life expectancy?

Sure. Metastatic disease is tumor spread from another site (ie lung, breast, colon). This is an incurable setting and most patients die from this within 6 months to a year, even with radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. Without treatment, survival is weeks to a few months. Read more...