How can you sleep on side after total knee replacement surgery?

Pillow. There is no physical reason preventing you from sleeping on your side. You might try a pillow between your legs if you find it uncomfortable while your knee recovers.
Yes. I do not restict my patients from sleeping on their side after knee replacement surgery.
Wesy. All u have @ do is put a nice long soft pillow between ur legs and sleep away. U may need 2 1 between knees & 1 between lower leg so it also remains suported.U can try all kinds of pillows and pack them around 4 comfort also.

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What are the exercises after total knee replacement surgery?

Strength and motion. Patients lose 30-50% of muscle strength after tka and have to exercise to regain that strength. Leg raising, walking, and progressive exercises to improve the quadriceps function will help. Motion exercises include bending the knee to regain flexion and full extension (straightening). These should be done 3-4 times/day. Bending, biking, and pulling on the leg in flexion will help. Read more...

I was wondering what are the exercise after total knee replacement surgery?

You will do many. Different exercises. However, there are two main areas that a pt will work with you. First, you will need to work on stretching your hamstrings, making sure you get your knee in full extension. The second, which is very close to this, is quadriceps strengthening. Overall gait stabilization is also important. Pre-surgery exercises programs have demonstrated success in better post-surgery outcomes. Read more...

What can cause severe pain 1yr after total knee replacement surgery? My mother has numbness in foot and knee. Sometimes swelling. Thanks

Varies. There are multiple possibilities, but one general way to look at it is either there is something wrong with the knee replacement surgery outcome, or your mother has another condition causing pain in that area. The most common "other" cause is a condition calked spinal stenosis, which is essentially a pinched nerve in the back that can cause leg pain and numbness. Read more...