What are some organic ways of treating back muscle injuries?

LED light relief. There is a product called lightrelief which works with combination of blue light cools, red light improves blood flow and infrared waves antiinflammatory treatment is 45 min twice or three times a day. Muscle injury responds ot bromelain, lecithin, efa, glutamine, local capsaicin patch, and apply muscle rub cream locally apply kinesio tape on top without streching to support the area.
Capsaicin. Salonpas hot patches j&j back plasters are available at cvs and walgreen's. Read the label to ensure that they are the capsaicin and not mentholatum. Other brands available. Capsaicin rubs are also great but need to be reapplied every 4 hours. The patches are good 12 hours on/12 hours off (to avoid a diaper rash underneath). Try regularly a couple days to allow to penetrate.