Hello all. I was trying to get medically cleared to deploy when I discovered I have wbc's in my urine. There was no uti, no bladder infection, cystoscopy was completed nothing, cultures did not show anything....Doctor said next step was to check the kidn

See previous reply. You have been fully evaluated, so i don't think you need any further work up than a urinalysis with microscopy in 3 months. You should be ok to deploy.
Sorry this happened. Surprised this prevented you from deploying. Assuming no significant proteinuria; if so the cause is very probably the difficulty most women have in getting a clean-catch urine without any vaginal secretions. When your pyelogram or whatever comes back normal, i hope they let you deploy, or perhaps you will be able to produce another urine sample free of wbc's.
WBC. Was this done on base at a Medical detachment? Most likely just called sterile Pyuria.