How is a leg fracture typically treated?

Depends on Fracture. Some fractures can be treated in a cast and some require surgery. It depends on the type of fracture and the location of the fracture.
Immobilization. If the fracture is not displaced then immobilization.

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How is a leg fracture typically diagnosed?

Bone fracture. By history of trauma or severe pain especially upon weight bearing, swelling, tenderness, bruising, bony deformity or rupture bone through the skin, loss of function. Usually x-rays are taken after an examination.

How many weeks would one have to typically wear a cast for a leg fracture?

6 weeks. Fractures take six weeks to heal, but there can be other issues involved. These can lengthen the healing. Casting depends on healing. Other issues concerning your general health, your medical, etc.

How to heal a leg fracture?

See below. Not all fracture are alike, but routine injury we apply cast on, for about 6 weeks if we see some healing we moving to movable and they could weight on it then some physical therapy to back in shape all together it about 12-16 weeks.

What are the signs of a leg fracture?

Pain and swelling. These are the most common symptoms along with inability to bear weight. If in doubt, an xray will confirm oa fracture or help guide treatment.

How long does it take to heal a leg fracture?

Leg Fracture. It depends what you are calling a leg fracture. Clinically the leg involves the tibia and fibula. If the tibia is fractured with or without the fibula and it is treated in a cast then it will take on the average of 8 weeks. If it is only the fibula and it depends if it is near the ankle or closer to the knee. Most will heal in 6 weeks. If this is a pediatric patient the fracture heals 4-6 weeks.

How do I recover from leg fracture in enckle portion?

Time. Ankle fractures take at least 6-8 weeks for bone healing to take place with correct alignment of the fracture. With proper treatment of common ankle fractures, most patients can begin weight bearing and physical therapy within 2 months of the injury. It's important to follow all the instructions of your surgeon so you can get back to an active lifestyle!

What can I do to stay comfortable if I have a leg fracture?

Ice and elevate. First and foremost if you believe you suffered a leg fracture you should be seen by the er or an orthopedist. Assuming you've been evaluated, ice, elevation, and immobilization are the best things in terms of fracture care.

When will I be getting back to normal from a spiral leg fracture?

1-4 months, varies. This depends widely depending on the exact location of the fracture, which bone or bones (tibia or fibula) are involved, the degree of displacement of the fracture, bone quality, alignment of the fracture, treatment choice, and what your definition of "normal" is. You should ask your orthopedic specialist what they predict for your recovery.