My blood pressure increase?

Treat high BP. Hypertension can be treated without medication. Regular cardiovascular exercise, at least five days per week. DASH diet - salt < 2000mg daily, fiber (50 grams daily for women and 70 grams daily for men), lean protein sources and complex carbohydrates. Stress reduction - meditation and such. Sleep 6-9 hours nightly. Don't smoke cigarettes - ever.
Many possibilities. Salt in your diet. Normal fluctuation. Were you totally at rest when it was measured? Was your arm at heart-height? Is your cuff accurate? Are there foods interfering with your medications (if you're on any?) have you gained weight? Are you on any new med? Are you stressed? Have you slept well? If none of the above, just treat it and get it down to normal to reduce your risks.

Related Questions

Why does my blood pressure increase when I stand up?

By how much? Well that's not typical but probably not harmful either. Be glad it doesnt drop too much when you stand up, which can be disabling and is affecting a number of people who post on healthtap.

I would like to ask sometimes my blood pressure increase and sometimes decrease its consider high blod pressure??

High BP is >140/90. If you blood pressure is consistently above 140/90 that is considered stage I hypertension. I would recommend you take your blood pressure every other day at the same time with a blood pressure cuff. Write this down and then show your regular doctor the results.

How can it be that my blood pressure increases when my pulse rate goes low?

Carotid body. There is a set of receptors in the carotid arteries in the neck. Increased blood pressure can stretch the carotid arteries and stimulate the carotid bodies which slow the heart by sending a signal to the vagus nerve.

I have the problem of high blood pressure. Whenever my blood pressure increases, I feel weakness in eyes. What is the solution?

Control BP. If your treatment is adequately / appropriately treating your high bp, then it should not raise enough to cause symptoms. See your dr for eval and consideration of dose adjustment / med addition / med change.

Could my family history influence my high blood pressure increase preeclampsia?

Too some degree. Family history does play a role in tendency towards high blood pressure. But you can exert some control over your risk by sticking to a healthy diet and staying close to your ideal body weight.
Possibly. Would recommend periodic & routine evaluation with you ob.

What would cause my resting blood pressure to increase in a matter of days from approx 133/85 to 160/112? It's been as high as 194/122. No chest pain

High Blood pressure. 194/122 blood pressure is very high, and at age of 64 this is dangerous as it may lead to blood vessels damage, brain and heart affection. Please seek medical care ASAP.