What are mental illnesses caused by physical and sexual parental abuse as a young child? Any signs to watch for

Mood Problems, PTSD. The most common psychiatric problems related to a history of abuse are various mood related problems, such as depression, and anxiety-related symptoms (including full-blown ptsd). There is also an increased risk of other behavioral problems and substance abuse.
Association. There really is no proof of causation, but there is evidence that victims of childhood physical and sexual abuse are at increased risk for a broad range of psychiatric and nonpsychiatric physical illnesses the list of which is sadly too long to place here. However the magnitude of the risk appears to be mild to moderate, with many children doing well.
Abuse and illness. Sansone RA et at 2011 shoe w that appear to be relationships between various forms of trauma (especially sexual abuse) and borderline personality symptomatology, reinforcing the role of childhood trauma in borderline personality disorder. Borderline behavior include sexual acting out, mood instabilty, self cutting, severe anxiety, needy behaviors, difficulty with relationships being intense.
PTSD. Post traumatic stress d/o ( anxiety, depression, flashback , hyper arousal and avoidance).Usually treated with therapy and medication .