Right behind my wisdom teeth is swollen gums. I can't bite down fully from it. What do I do?

Salt water rinse. You probably have some type of gum infectio. Rinse with warm salt water and see your dentist.
Make a dental appt. The condition is called pericornitis; it is an inflammation of the gums when a tooth that is breaking through the gums into the mouth occurs. A little pocket of gum tissue collects food behind the tooth. You can rinse with some warm salt water to help heal the gum tissue and take some Motrin to relieve the discomfort of gum pain. Your doctor may elect to remove the excess tissue with a laser.

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I have swollen gums from wisdom teeth. How can I get the swelling down besides salt water?

Extraction. Pericoronitis is a condition when gum surrounding the tooth is inflamed. It occurs frequently in the area of wisdom teeth, when a partial erupting posiiton causing inflammation and trauma to the gingiva (due to plaque collected, poor oral hygiene, and traumatic occlusion in the area). Extraction would be a definitive treatment. Good brushing and antibiotic is only for temporary relief. Read more...