I have a sebaceous cyst that is bleeding.?

Cyst. Sebacious cysts usually don't bleed. They are filled with cheese like material that occasionally can get infected and turns into pus. If it is bleeding, it needs to be examined as there may be something else going on. Pressure to the cyst for the time being may help stop it, but seek medical attention promptly.
Unusual. Can bleed if the infection ruptures thru skin but you may want to have it seen to make sure it is just a cyst. If so, a surgeon can excuse it for you .

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Son just had sebaceous cyst removed from forehead and now bleeding inside causing a lot of swelling. What should I do?

Pressure. Put pressure on the area and call your doctor. You may need to go back in and have the doctor look at him. Read more...
Call your surgeon. You should call your surgeon and inform them of your experience. Chances are its just swelling, but it could be a hematoma or blood collection they should know about. Read more...