Pancreatic cancer symptoms MRI showed chronic pancreatitis, heart disease and fat liver, what is the chance that they might find a cancer there too?

Plan to live. Chronic pancreatitis only has a slight tendency to produce cancer especially if it's hereditary, and if it was not seen on imaging, it's very unlikely to be there and you should plan to live. If you are not a longtime heavy drinker, then we need to seek the cause of your liver, heart and pancreatic disease. It may be that a healthier future awaits you with aerobic fitness as the key. Best wishes.
Depends. Making a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can be difficult. Without seeing the MRI images and examining you, it's hard to give you a number of your risk. If the MRI is not definitive, i would recommend an endoscopic ultrasound (eus). This is done by a gastroenterologist and can often see tumors not seen on mri.